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Knowing when Intentional Interim Ministry is appropriate.

If you are wondering whether Intentional Interim Ministry would be a good solution for a specific congregation, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are there circumstances that need to be sorted out prior to asking a new pastor to serve?

  • Are there deeper issues that need resolving before extending a call?

  • Is there a need to re-evaluate mission and ministry?

In conjunction with and under the supervision of the District President and the Circuit Visitor, Intentional Interim Ministry gives a congregation the time and the tools necessary to begin moving forward in a healthy and united way. By helping to strengthen the congregation's identity and a sense of purpose, it enables the congregation to articulate its needs in the process of calling a pastor. This process, in turn, helps to define a desirable pastoral profile as the congregation moves to call a new pastor.

District support

We encourage all interested districts to become members of the Intentional Interim Conference, LCMS. The annual membership fee is $300. Income from membership fees and donations help to provide ongoing support for and training of the ministers in this program.

Districts may request a percentage of an amount equivalent to the IIM pastor's compensation to support the district's IIM program.

Individual Support: Intentional Interim pastors are expected to pay annual membership dues of $70.


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