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Intentional Interim Ministry -
a purposeful approach for transitions and crises

In every congregation there will be times when members wrestle with their church's identity and ministry. These unique transitions occur after particularly long pastorates, when conflicts exist within the congregation, when there are instances of pastoral misbehavior, when demographics change drastically, or during other church-changing circumstances.

Such times of transition are often marked by congregational stress and anxiety hampering ministry and making a fulfilling church experience difficult.

Intentional Interim Ministry is designed to restore congregational health by offering a safe bridge between challenging times and the selection of the next resident pastor

The benefits of Intentional Interim Ministry

There are several ways Intentional Interim Ministry can help congregations:

  • Healing. Without healing existing divisions within the church, it is difficult to have a unified mission and ministry. There are also circumstances where congregations feel manipulated or mislead by their pastor, and need guidance to become whole again. They need assistance in developing an attitude of trust toward pastoral leadership.

  • Thorough resolution. There are situations that simply take time to untangle. It is important to do what is necessary to reach understanding and closure.

  • New perspectives. When a long-term pastor leaves a congregation, the norms and expectations set up by the long tenure may be difficult for the pastor that follows. Intentional Interim Ministry allows a congregation to experience different approaches to ministry, and opens eyes to different kinds of pastoral leadership.

  • Setting a fresh course. When a church feels it's at a difficult crossroad, quick decisions may be made without fully exploring options and potential outcomes. Intentional Interim Ministry slows down the call process, allowing the congregation time to make well-informed and deliberate decisions regarding the future course of the church.


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