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Beginning with the end in mind.

Trained ministers within the Intentional Interim Ministry program come with skills to help a congregation understand what it takes to get ready for a new pastor. As an unbiased outsider with insight into the issues and concerns a congregation may face, the interim minister has the ability to be a step removed and view the situation with neutrality and perspective. These ministers come to the congregation knowing they are temporary shepherds and not eligible to become the settled pastor. Their purpose - to bring the congregation to the best outcome - is well defined from the outset.

In addition, churches get the support necessary during the interim period to sustain the church and maintain its ministries.

Congregations receive:

  • Pastoral care and administrative leadership as determined by the congregation and the intentional interim pastor. This includes helping with staff and volunteer transitions.

  • A pastor trained to deal with conflicts, help heal divisions, and assist in changing attitudes and expectations. Interim ministers are trained in change management and conflict resolution.

  • The security of a steady pastoral ministry while internal changes and decisions are being made.

  • Alternative views to ministry and parish life. A trained interim minister can expose the congregation to alternate models of ministry that can bring an exciting new dimension to the church.

  • Transition team leadership to assist with the steps the congregation needs to take. This may include helping articulate the values, vision and mission of the church. Intentional Interim Ministers are typically not involved in the call process.


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