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The Intentional Interim Pastors Clearinghouse


Sponsored by the Interim Ministry Conference – LCMS, the Clearinghouse is a spreadsheet database of pastor members who self-report their availability, experience, mobility, contact information, etc. so that Districts and District Staff can get up-to-date information on where IIP resources might be found when they need them. Further vetting can then take place via the PIF database of personnel.


Unlike settled Calls, the Intentional Interim Call to a temporary situation requires flexibility and mobility and clarity of boundaries for starting and concluding. It can be dependent upon a settled Call being accepted or uncertain because of the time required to resolve conflict or vision direction. The Clearinghouse allows IIPís to report their probable availability as soon as they know it. The more communication can be added to the IIP placement the more encouraging this ministry is both to judicatory and practitioner pastors.


Pastors are encouraged to add their information to the database as soon as their situation changes. Districts are given a link to view the database at any time. While the Clearinghouse will have some pastors who are not yet credentialed, the Credentialed List (issued to districts about once a quarter) will be coordinated with the Clearinghouse. Pastors who are not ready for placement or who depend upon their district for placement are also encouraged to include themselves in the listing (indicating not wishing placement) to add to the census information.

To gain access to the Clearinghouse for viewing, downloading or updating, contact Peter Alexander via


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