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The Intentional Interim Ministry Advantage

Though both intentional interim ministers and vacancy pastors can provide clear benefits to congregations, listed are the distinct advantages of a trained Intentional Interim Pastor who is trained to guide congregations through difficult transitions.

Intentional Interim Minister

  • Part-time to full-time status provides stability and reduces anxiety.

  • Has special training and experience in effective transition facilitation.

  • Sustains the on-going programs and ministries.

  • Helps make the transition time an ideal time for dramatic renewal. Can deal with past problems, creating stronger internal structure and vision.

  • Preaches and conducts Bible class, usually every Sunday.

  • Works to understand what is happening and ministers in a timely, sensitive and relevant manner.

  • Helps congregations and individuals handle their grief and sense of loss - especially in instances where there has been conflict, breach of trust, or long term pastorate.

  • Facilitates visioning for future mission and Ministry.


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