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Training and Credentialing

Pastoral Training

Training is a critical component to the success of the Intentional Interim Ministry program. Through the process, intentional interim ministers participate in peer review and in continuing education and conferences to provide the best possible service to the congregations they serve.

A typical Intentional Interim Ministry pastor has 60 hours of formal training and a six-month period of supervised fieldwork. A Certificate of Study is received upon completion of the training.

Training programs are offered under the auspices of the Lutheran Transitional Ministry Association (LuTMA). Detailed information for the online and on-site, residential training is available at www.lutma.org.

Annual LuTMA Conference (www.lutma.org)

Continuing education opportunities are offered at the Annual Conference of the Lutheran Transitional Ministry Association (LuTMA) and at other venues as scheduled. If desired, Continuing Education Units can be earned at the Annual Conference.

Annual IMC-LCMS Meeting

The annual meeting of the Interim Ministry Conference LCMS is held during the annual LuTMA conference.


To be credentialed in this ministry, a pastor of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod must be recommended for Intentional Interim Ministry by his District President and make application to the Credentialing Committee of the Interim Ministry Conference, LCMS. Those satisfying the requirements are issued a Certificate of Completion by the Credentialing Committee. The credential is valid for three years. The credential is renewed only when a previously credentialed pastor makes application, is a continuing, full and current member of the Interim Ministry Conference and meets the expectations for continuing education.

While not all intentional interim ministers are credentialed, the purpose of credentialing is to establish and maintain a roster of specifically trained and experienced LCMS pastors for transitional ministry. These pastors serve congregations throughout the Synod under the guidance and recommendation of their District Presidents. Further, the purpose of credentialing is to accommodate the specific guidelines as approved by the LCMS Council of Presidents.

A credentialing application and the statement of Purpose and Process for the Credentialing of Intentional Interim Pastors may be requested at .

The credential is not a document of recommendation. Each intentional interim minister is under the supervision of his District President, who is responsible for ecclesiastical oversight.


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